Global Mixed Martial Arts Federation


Definition and Mission:

GMMAF is a not-for- profit sports organization with no discrimination and free of politics. GMMAF It was established by the GM Mohammadullah Omar Imandost in 27th of April 2012. It undertakes to respect the provisions of the Olympic Charter and the World Anti-Doping Code and to abide by the decisions of the IOC. Based on IOC guidelines, the GMMAF undertakes, in accordance with its mission and role at Global level, to participate in actions to promote nation’s talent and to promote women in sport. It also undertakes to support and encourage the promotion to sports ethics, to fight against doping and to demonstrate a responsible concern for environmental issues.

GMMAF also specifies the mutual rights and principal obligations of official and active organizations existing within the global sport structure including the National Committees and determines the criteria required for the activities of such organizations.



The mission of the GMMAF is to develop and promote Mixed Martial Arts worldwide.

 To develop and maintain Olympic activities, human values, promote athletic ethics.

The GMMAF Committee shall help and support member organizations to develop the qualities and quantities of their respective kind of sport, particularly helping the MMA and other sports events approved by GMMAF Committee to take place in the best way possible.

Maintaining the living environment and contribution to MMA is one of the all-time commitments of GMMAF Committee, which the organization will stay fully committed to that.

To provide administrative support to the members.

To assist the member nations.

Organize global championships, International events and National tournaments between states and countries.

To respect disciplinary action taken by the anti-doping committee, as required for the good conduct of GMMAF including, but not limited to suspension for some period of time, a fine, exclusion from participation in upcoming events of GMMAF or any organization associated with GMMAF.

Develop specific services for its members and provide them with assistance and support and increase the level of recognition of GMMAF members worldwide.

Coordinate and protect the common interest of its members.



 To develop competitive sports in the country, based on a scientific approach, particularly through preparing grounds for the development of potential talents, and promote the physical, psychological and intellectual abilities of athletes.

 To expand “Sport for All” particularly by organizing the public and encouraging the people to practice sports and safeguard their health and hygiene through sport, and train the young future-making generation of the country.

To take the necessary measures against any discrimination, violence and corruption in sport; to disseminate sport ethics and fight against doping.

To adopt and implement the World Anti- Doping Code, thereby ensuring that the Committee’s anti-doping policies and rules, membership and/or funding requirements and results management procedures conform with the World Anti-Doping Code and respect all the roles and responsibilities that are listed within the World Anti-Doping Code.

To assist and support the national sports federations in exercising their respective activities in an autonomous manner and in close collaboration and coordination with the International Sports Federations.

 The national sports federations must be in a position to exercise their activities in accordance with the rules of their respective International Federations and their respective statutes shall be subject to approval of their respective International Federations. When any issue arises with respect to a national sport federation, the Committee must immediately inform and consult with the International Federation concerned and must work together with this national federation and the International Federation concerned to find a jointly acceptable solution.

 To prepare and communicate the minimum standards for a national sports federation to benefit fully from the assistance of the Committee, provided that such standards do not conflict with any regulations of the International Federations to which the national sports federations are affiliated and with the current national rules.

To apply supreme management and supervision on the trend of preparation, selection and dispatch of athletes to the International level as well as regional events and any other levels recognized by the GMMAF.  The GMMAF committee have the exclusive authority for the representation of the countries at the regional, continental or world championships. 

To expand efficient international communication with all sports bodies active in the field of sport particularly with the International Committee, International Federations, Continental Confederations, National Committees and other recognized international organizations active in sport.

To provide possible assistance to representative offices and secretariats of the international federations, Asian confederations and other international bodies based in any country panda extend full support to competent country representatives in acquiring and preserving official sport positions in the federation.

To assist in developing women sports in the country in all dimensions quantitatively and qualitatively.

To support public organizations active in the field of sport worldwide.

To select from the cities of the country, the candidate city applying to host the events recognized by the International Committee.

The Committee has exclusive rights in this respect;

To set up and manage economic institutions and companies, if necessary, towards raising funds for the Committee and to sign contracts with financial sponsors provided that the collection of funds shall serve exclusively for the Committee to accomplish the mission, role, objects, duties and activities for which it is established according to the present Statutes.

To cooperate and establish good relations with governmental and non- governmental organizations which can assist the Committee to achieve its objectives and discharge its duties.

To confront any political, legal, religious, social and economic pressures or any demands or influence exerted by true and legal persons, legal entities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and groups, which are contradictory to international sport rules.