World Sports Martial Arts Federation

(WSMAF) is established with a worldwide vision to promote and encourage the physical education, martial art education & sports, moral education, health education, cultural education and the interdisciplinary subjects for research and studies of Martial Arts for the development of good health and better citizenship. We the WSMAF is an organization to give respect to each and every martial art style. We are in a mission to make one of the big martial art family around the world.
To impact training among the youths of present generation, specially for women self defense. To develop both physical and mental self ability for the welfare for the society when and where needed of the basic of positive martial arts learning. We seek to promote and popularize the all martial arts activities by holding seminars, demonstrations, tournaments, etc. on villages, district, state, national and international level by offering prizes, certificates and awards to the winners. We are dedicated to provide quality martial arts and sport science education worldwide by providing proper professional guide lines to the centers, branches and affiliated institutions for quality training. To maintain unity and co-operation among the people without distinguish of caste, religion, race, sex, etc. for the social and other up lift mints specially through martial art sports. Through this we will be able to create awareness among st the youths against all sorts of evils which is harmful to the family and society too.
ماستر محمدالله عمرایمان دوست
A ) WSMAF It is non-political Organization and does not recognizes difference of race or religion. B ) WSMAF It will be collaborated with the sports all Martial Arts Styles & social organization : Martial Arts organizations : I.J.F. ( International Judo Federation ) ; W.K.F. ( World Karate-Do Federation ) ; W.T.F. ( World TaeKwonDo Federation ) ; I.W.F. ( International Wushu Federation ) WSMAF organizations : W.S.M.A.F. ( Comité International des Sport des Sourds ) ; W.S.M.A.F. ( European Martial Arts and Sports Organization ) ; W.F.S.M.A ( World Federation of Sports Martial Arts ) ; Handicap organizations : I.S.F.D. ( International Sports Federation for Disabled ) 
AIMS A ) The goal of the WSMAF Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind and in the WSMAF spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play WSMAF wants to spread the practice of martial arts and Sports all over the world.
HEADQUARTERS & OFFICIAL LANGUAGES A ) The Headquarters of the W.S.M.A. shall be located at the following address : W.S.M.A.F. PRESIDENT EDUARDO A. DOMINGUEZ Nazca 1937 8º D – Capital Federal Buenos Aires – Argentina Fax  E-mail Address : Wsmaf.world@gmail.com It may be changed by a majority vote of a decision by the Board of Directors : final approval shall be done by the
General Assembly;
B ) The Official written language is English.
C ) Also any question concerning the sport or technical matters will be referred to original language text.
D ) The International Sign Language is the official sign language. 
The duration of this Federation’s existence depends on
objectives as described.
The funds of the W.S.M.A.F. shall be as follows : A ) The affiliation share of the National Association.
B ) The application forms for instructors & athletes etc.
C ) The various International Federation contributions.
D ) Any private contributions, for the deaf sport activities.
E ) Every country will pay to the treasurer a percentage of every international match organized by W.S.M.A.F.
Becoming a member requires having the sponsorship of at least 2 members of this Association and shall be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.
Membership shall be terminated by : A ) Resignation which must be submitted by special delivery letter. B ) Death.
C ) Cancellation of a membership after a warning by the Board of Directors for not paying dues or for certain serious causes. That person shall be called to give an explanation to the General Assembly.
D ) Individual membership may be terminated by the committee for the following reasons : Insubordination and disrespect to W.S. M.A.F officers or other appointed delegates Verbal abuse of fellow members or other Deaf martial arts organizations Other infractions Disciplinary termination fro members or application members with falsified applications and/or bogus credentials shall be terminated permanently. It’s a lifetime ban from W.S.M.A.F tournament participation. 
This Federation shall be administered by the Board composed of a President, a Vice-President, a General Secretary, a 3 Treasurers and 6 persons of a Dir