IMAFF International Martial Arts Federation Foundation

IMAFF International Martial Arts Federation Foundation

IMAFF is the global governing body for All Martial Arts (Sports), the world’s fastest growing sport with an estimated 500 million followers worldwide.

WSFF has over 700 members from more than 150 countries on all continents. Our member structure is unique and inclusive, comprising both governmental and non-governmental organizations, including:

International Olympic Committee Federation

National and World Sports Federations,

World Sports Organizations,

World Sports Organization,

National Olympic committees,

ministries of health, culture, education, sport, etc.,

international, national, regional and local Sport for All organizations,

cities and municipalities,

educational institutions, and


National Members

International Members

Supporter Members

  1. The name of the Federation is International Martial Arts Federation Foundation (IMAFF)
  2. WSFF is a non-profit Sports organization, composed of autonomous and independent national Organizations and other national Federations.

The Sports Organization is constituted according to Swedish law; IMAFF  was founded and established by the GM Mohammadullah Omar Imandost Worldwide.

IMAFF is an independent Sports Organization of Members as detailed in Article 5 and the Membership Bylaw and represented by its President and Board of Directors.

The objectives of International Martial Arts Federation Foundation (IMAFF)

  1. Are to promote and develop the sport of all martial arts (Sports) at all levels, as a means to contribute to the positive development of society;

To assist its Members in strengthening their position as national leaders in the all martial arts sports

  • To develop specific services for its Members and provide them with assistance, training and support;
  • To increase the level of recognition of WSFF  and its Members by Sport Accord, the Olympic (IOCF) Movement stakeholders as well as by other entities involved in sport;
  • To organize international championships, tournaments, contests between countries and large sporting events (world championships, continental championships, world cups, continental cups and open international tournaments);
  • To provide administrative and other appropriate support to its Members;
  • To recognize the autonomy of its Members and their authority within their jurisdictions;
  • To promote closer links among its Members and between its Members and any other sport organization;
  • Ordinate and protect the common interest of its Members;
  • Collaborate with organizations having as their objective the promotion of all martial arts sports on a world-wide basis;
  • Collect, collate and circulate information to and among its Members;
  • To abide by the World Anti-Doping Code, its Code of Conduct and policies designed to combat corruption, illegal betting and other actions that may negatively impact the reputations of WSFF and its Members; To provide administrative and other appropriate support to its Members
  • promote closer links among its Members in connection with the all Martial arts and Sport, coordinate and protect the common interest of its Members collaborate with organizations having as them

objective the promotion of the all martial arts Sport, on a world-wide basis collect, collate and circulate information to and among its members regarding the all martial arts Sports.

  1. Appoint committees as outlined in these Statutes;
  2. To respect any disciplinary action taken by the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Committee, as required for the good conduct of WSFF  including, but not limited to, a fine, service to the WSFF community, suspension for a period of time, exclusion from participation in the affairs of IMAFF by any athlete, administrator, athlete support personnel, technical official, club or organization associated with IMAFF, arising from or connected with any contravention or breach of these Statutes or any rule, by-law, regulation or policy approved pursuant to these Statutes.
  3. To ratify and enforce any decision taken by the Arbitration Committee provided that no further appeal to the Court of Arbitration of Sport has been lodged.

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